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 Hypnotherapy Melbourne - Self Hypnosis


Hypnotherapy Melbourne - Conscious


Learn to use hypnosis for a real purpose. You’ll help people make positive change, break years of subconscious habit to breakthrough limiting decisions. Don’t waste time, learn Hypnosis The right way the first time


NLP Training
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Hypnotherapy Melbourne - NLP Training


Our 3 Day NLP Certification will have you mastering principles and techniques other NLP trainings don’t have the experience to deliver.


Mindology Training
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Hypnosis Melbourne - Mindology


The Psychology of mind… Break perceived limitation in life, love and career, remove doubts with simple and effective principles that you can master in our 3 day certification. Melbourne Hypnosis Centre

We are creatures of habit, by bringing these habits to consciousness we can install mindfullness to retrain the brain – D J Jackson


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Weight Loss
Hypnosis Melbourne - Concious Hypnosis

Hypnosis Melbourne - Weight Loss


Lose up to 1kg of body fat per day for up to 7 days. Only “Conscious Hypnosis has the proven success to do it! Hypnosis has been proven to keep Weight off more than any other diet or lifestyle change – (USA – NBC study)


Quit Smoking
Hypnosis Melbourne - Quit Smoking

Hypnosis Melbourne - Quit Smoking

 You need more than 60 minutes to eliminate a lifetime of subconscious habit. Conscious Hypnosis works with the NEED, HABIT and TRIGGERS to kill the cravings dead. At “Melbourne Hypnosis Centre” we have a proven track record.


Reduce Stress
 Melbourne Hypnotherapy - Anxiety and Fear


Melbourne Hypnotherapy - Reduce Stress


“Melbourne Hypnosis Centre” You cannot change all the circumstances in life, but you can change the way you think, feel and act, as a result of those circumstances. That’s something you have control of and it’s your responsibility to change. Chance favours the prepared mind. With conscious hypnosis, we prepare you for challenge!

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How to Refuse The Next Cigarette.

How to Refuse The Next Cigarette - Free Download





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Lose Weight with Conscious Hypnosis 3 Day Training
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Stop Smoking 3 Day Conscious Hypnosis Certification
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