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You may have been hearing quite a buzz about D J Jackson lately. But, you might be asking yourself: who is D J Jackson and what’s with Conscious Hypnosis?


About D J Jackson Ph.D. BSc. CMIHt

D J Jackson has one of the best success rates for a Clinical Hypnotists. A Master Trainer of Hypnosis with the American Board of Hypnotherapy If you are looking for techniques to improve your health, eliminate habits like smoking, weight management, rapid fat loss and personal self protection. Then Dr Jackson has the best form of hypnosis available for such success.

D J Jackson has a passion for helping people stay safe, live free of fear and better their lives. D J Jackson has been the secret weapon behind some of the biggest Hypnosis, coaching and NLP training companies around the world.

D J Jackson started his hypnosis career in 1990. After a successful stint teaching stage hypnosis in Seattle, Vancouver Canada and San Francisco. He would later return to teach hypnosis and NLP in Las Vegas, Arizona, San Diego, Atlanta as well as all around Australia and Hong Kong.

After amazing success as a Master hypnotist and NLP Trainer. D J Jackson went through a life changing experience losing people very close to him through tragic events. After losing his family, friends, job and almost sanity. D J Jackson was homeless and contemplating suicide.  Leaving D J Jackson asking many questions of standard, unprovable and manipulative NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques. After using many NLP, Timeline and Hypnotic techniques for over 20 years, D J Jackson discovered that these techniques didn’t address the key issue in emotional pain, loss and obstacles. Leaving everyone in the field paranoid, jealous, angry and insecure. So he started exploring the sciences to trace the principles and processes behind the problem in the human brain. His wickedly effective ability to nail the BIG SOLUTION is admired and respected by even the most seasoned hypnosis and NLP experts.

 After over 37 years of doing self hypnosis everyday, D J discovered as science has stated all along, that hypnosis was never a heightened state as people make claim. And so postulated that hypnosis was simply about consciousness, mindfulness and controlling chance. Conscious Hypnosis, Mindology and Memory line was born after using timelines, NLP and standard Hypnosis and discovering that it didn’t eliminate the primal source of emotional pain and suffering. D J Jackson co created Memory Line after his own experiences in life and since then has developed Memory LineMindology to heal the emotional thoughts caused by trauma, perceived stress and suffering.
D J Jackson is living proof that you can come back from grief, suffering and trauma. Stress doesn’t have any hold of you and the universe is giving if you know how to ask and take action. His experience is shared as an inspiration to people in classes wanting to breakthrough limitation, self doubts and restricting subconscious habits. The key to breakthrough is biological if you stop and listen to what your heart is asking for and take action on it.

D J Jackson is the only Master Hypnosis Trainer of Conscious Hypnosis anywhere.
Anyone who feels frustrated, overwhelmed or incomplete by doing NLP, Timelines or Hypnotherapy trainings will benefit in their personal development, business goals, relationship challenges and management skills.

D J Jackson has over 20,000 hours of therapy practice with Hypnosis. Finding someone with this experience and expertise is hard pressed.

D J Jackson is the current president of the International Conscious Hypnosis and NLP society.

1990 – Stage Hypnosis Association of Entertainers member

1991 – Encouragement and up coming entertainers award

1995 – Stage Hypnotist of the year

2001 – NGH Member in good Standing

2004 – Australian Agent for Kid safe Network

2005 – Vice president of AAPHAN – (Australian Association of Practicing Hypnotherapists And NLP)

2005 – Queensland Hypnosis Association

2006 – President of AAPHAN – (Australian Association of Practicing Hypnotherapists And NLP)

2007 – President of AAPHAN – (Australian Association of Practicing Hypnotherapists And NLP)

2007 – 2010 –  International Trainer for the Tad James Company

2011-2012 – Lead Trainer and course designer for Oricodes International

2004-2010 – ABH Member in Good Standing

2010 – Master Trainer American Board of Hypnotherapy

2010 – Australian Lead Agent for the Women and Kid Safe Networks

2011 – President of International Mentalist and Mindology Society -IMAMS

2010 – 2014 President Conscious Hypnosis Society – CHS

2010 – 2014 President  International Conscious Hypnosis and NLP Society – ICHNS

2012 – 2015 Lead Trainer, Course Designer – MINDS Professional Consultancy LTD

2015 – Now – CEO and Lead Trainer for Melbourne Hypnosis Centre for Training and Recognition


2005 - Hypnotist of the year

2009  – Hypnotist of the year

2010  – Hypnotist of the year

2013 –  Hypnotist of the year

2009  – Hypnosis Trainer of the year

2010 – Appointed first ever Hypnosis Master Trainer ABH

2010  – Hypnosis Trainer of the year

2010 – NLP Trainer of the year

2011  – Hypnosis Trainer of the year

2012 – Hypnosis Trainer of the year

2012 – Coach of the year

2013 – NLH Coach of the year

2013 – Life Coaching Award

2012 – Referee of the year – BHBA

2013 – Referee of the year – BHBA

2014 – Referee of the year – BHBA

2014 – Nominated for Life Time Members Award Conscious Hypnosis Society for Services Towards People


Bachelor of Science -Major Psychology

Master of Philosophy – Major Inter-relationship Psychology Sociology

1988 – Meditation {Chakra} Shaolin Meditation and

1998 – Chan Hue-Shaun Tai Chi and Mountain Tai Chi Instructor

1990 – Stage Hypnosis – Hypnosis Practitioner

1997 – Massage Cert III

1997  – Hypnotic Massage

2000 – Forensic Hypnosis

2000 – Hypnotic Sports Science (Hypnosis in sports)

2000 – Hypnotic Childbirth

2000 – Instructor Beijing 24 Tai Chi

2001 – Instructor disciple Chow Gar Tong Long Kung Fu

2001 – Pain Management

2003 – Emergence Hypnosis

2003 – Mindology – Neuro Hypnotherapy

2003 – Elman Hypnotherapy

2003 – 5 Phase Abreactive Therapy ™

2003 – NLP Practitioner

2003 – Hypnotherapy Practitioner

2003 – NLP Master Practitioner

2003  – Master Hypnotherapist

2004 – Master of Counseling

2004 – Hypnosis Trainer

2004 – NLP Trainer

2005 – Street Hypnosis

2006 – iHypnosis – Intelligent Hypnosis

2006 – Reiki Practitioner, trainer and meditating sharman Instructor

2006 – Sim Chan Gar Preying Mantis Master Instructor (Sarm Bo Gin)

2007 – Doctorate of Philosophy

2007 – Stage Hypnosis Rapid Induction

2007 – Clinical Hypnotic Science

2010 – Co Creator of Memory Line

2010 – Master of Kung Fu

2013 – Co Creator of Conscious Hypnosis With Hong Kong’s Jo Jo Chan CIHt


Hypnotherapy Courses - Hypnosis Demo with DJ JacksonD J Jackson, together with Sarm Bo Gin Kung Fu, Danger Awareness and Women’s Self Protection, is also a Master Instructor of Chen and Hua-Shan Tai Chi.

Conscious Hypnosis enhances the learning and emotional ability of the self. On the other hand, Tai Chi enables calmness and clarity which strengthens muscles, tendons to slow down aging. The benefits of these practices is scientifically documented in many studies. Imagine my disappointment when people came to me from leading NLP training companies who had the tools but lacked the ability to use them because of fear. After just a simpel 3 day training overcome the fear and started seeing clients, building a profitable practice. Would that make your life more rewarding?

Hypnotherapy Courses - Problems Fixed

Dr D J Jackson is NOT a medical doctor and does not give medical advice. D J Jackson has a Doctorate of Philosophy, studies in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences, Bachelor of Science in Inter-relationship Psychology, Masters in the Philosophy of Psychology, Sociology, Counseling and Nutrition. Always seek medical advice on any medical basis problem or medical condition before seeking therapy. Conscious Hypnosis does not require trance. Conscious hypnosis is a process where you become consciously aware of circumstances for the purpose of changing them.

Reference: http://www.drdjjackson.com/who-is-d-j-jackson

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