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MELBOURNE HYPNOSIS CENTRE offer the best conscious hypnosis and natural form of coaching. Useable principles and dynamic hypnosis and hypnotherapy models certified and accredited through the ICHNS / CHS. The only certifiable conscious hypnosis society in the world.

American Board of HypnotherapyInternationally, whether you are brand new to hypnosis or a seasoned hypnotherapist, we can help fast track your skills and success. Here your conscious hypnosis training is hands on, personalized training with leading neuroscience learning skills. You’ll observe an actual live hypnosis session with an actual client and work with your first client with mentoring and feedback from the best trainers in the world.

Conscious Hypnosis uses fresh scientific knowledge in hypnosis and you’ll learn to use hypnosis for a real purpose.


Hypnotherapy Courses - Happy Graduation

Which personalized training will suit you?

Basic Conscious Hypnosis Training: Our basic training surpasses the requirements of any hypnosis training to work with clients. Master inductions, and induce many states for the purpose of hypnotic principles. Learn self hypnosis to improve your skills faster, improve health and performance.
How Does Hypnosis Work
Master Conscious Hypnosis Preventative Health Certification
: What hypnosis is and is NOT, what we should use hypnosis for and what we shouldn’t. Learn to consult to prevent the 3 BIGGEST killers and number #1 cause of suffering.

Conscious Hypnosis trainers and Instructor Certification: The ULTIMATE hypnosis trainers training certification. Learn to teach others how to do hypnosis for a profession doing what they love and understanding the gratefulness of empowering the world.

Conscious Hypnosis Entertainment Certification: Learn stage presence to perform hypnosis on stage and entertain an audience. Master routines from rapid stage inductions, safety procedures, fun and humor routines as well as the demonstrative performance model.

Find out more about how you can benefit from Conscious Hypnosis training, and how you can increase success. New classes begin soon. Limited places for our next training are 50% full, so don’t hesitate or you’ll miss out.


How to Learn HypnosisConscious Hypnosis

We’re ready to show you how to make a professional income seeing clients as a hypnotist. You’ll be wowed and educated in simple steps. And most important is, you’ll do it yourself.


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Had some training but don’t know where to start?

Melbourne Hypnotherapy - EbookWorking the 9-5  getting you down?

Want to tell your boss to get #@&*!

But the thought of taking that first step and being an entrepreneur scaring you?

As a conscious hypnotist you learn unique sought after skills to get you out there earning an income quickly and easily part or full time.


You do get what you pay for, Learn hypnosis from anyone other than a hypnosis training, and you’ll only be sold too.
Learn from someone who makes a living from seeing clients for over twenty years.

Learn Hypnosis The Easy Way…

In as little as 3 – 5 Days with little or no previous hypnosis experience required compared to other methods

Melbourne Hypnotherapy - Free AssessmentDo you have what it takes to be a professional Hypnotist?

Do you want to help people while making a professional income?

Are you looking to bridge the gap between the classroom and working with real clients?

MINDS Professional Consultancy offers unique trainings in Conscious hypnosis that certify through the ICHNS and CHS the only accrediting society in ‘Conscious Hypnosis”.

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Hands on training where you experience what it’s like first had to work with clients, be hypnotized and carry out a working plan to assist people to reduce stress, pain, anxiety stop smoking and lose weight. This truly is an entrepreneurship which gives you the edge to succeed as a consulting hypnotist and a business owner!

Learn Hypnosis at Melbourne Hypnosis Centre. Melbourne Hypnosis Centre is an internationally based training company training around the world. This training has been a proven model that has been used all over the US, Hong Kong and Australia for the last 10 years.

Training consultants offer the following courses: in “Conscious Hypnosis”

Basic Conscious Hypnosis Training Advanced Verbal and Non-Verbal Certification
Master Conscious Hypnosis Preventative Health – Conscious Look at Preventing the 3 biggest killers and number 1 cause of suffering
Conscious Hypnosis Instructor Certification – Hypnosis Trainers Training
Conscious Hypnosis Entertainment Certification –  Learn Stage Hypnosis and demonstrate the real power for entertainment.

Conscious Hypnosis Courses:

Three Day Conscious Hypnosis and NLP Certification
Hypnosis Trainers Training
Hypnosis Master Preventative Health Certification
NLP Practitioner Certification
Mindology Certification
Memory Line Certification
MEDI – Meditation Certification
Stage Hypnosis – Certification

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