Hypnosis in Melbourne: A Mission to Defy Procrastination

There were times when you feel less motivated in finishing a certain task. Prior to that, you were overwhelmingly excited to do it, eager to initiate. Then, all of a sudden, that stirring excitement you’ve once had suddenly melted down, as if the world poured you with lava and magma all at once! Procrastination strikes.

What is Procrastination?

Procrastination is the unconscious habit of setting things aside until the last  possible minute. The truth is, procrastination itself is actually not the problem.  In reality, its the consequences that can be devastating! So, how can you avoid procrastination? Melbourne hypnosis clinic can help you.

How Hypnosis Can Stop Procrastination?

Think of a TV commercial. Are there moments when it convinces to buy a product? What about an expert saying something in front of you? Then, without hesitation, you immediately believe, without even validating the statement.

It happened because the judgement area of your mind was “turned-off,” making your subconscious the “receiving area” of all the suggestions you’ve heard and somehow seen. That’s it! Hypnosis quite work in a similar way.

Why Hypnosis is Effective in Overcoming Procrastination?

As mentioned above, hypnosis work in a way similar when a TV commercial influences you to buy a product or when you suddenly believe what an expert says. This is because, the two suggestions attack your subconscious mind. Thus, creating an instant response.

Hypnosis focuses in your subconscious. It puts every suggestions there, every opinions or facts. To make it clear, it’s not in your conscious mind but in your subconscious mind. Because in reality, planning to overcome any negative behaviours, such as procrastination with your “conscious head”, is sometimes not effective.

Why Subconscious? Why Not the Conscious Mind?

Have you ever declared…“I will never become a procrastinator!” What happens? Did you achieve it? Probably you didn’t, or if you did, you’re lucky!

The truth is, our conscious mind is sometimes close for new suggestions. This is the reason why following a systematic pattern in overcoming something was not achieved. We might not be able to determine its depth or extent, but the mere fact that it has its  usual patterns, is enough to conclude that a difficult domain to negate.

Conscious mind acts as a “judgement filter.” That’s why everything that comes to it can be categorised in two possible outputs: rejection  or acceptance. So, let’s say you’re a chronic procrastinator. What will happen? What are the results?

The Negative Results of Procrastination

In a deeper perspective, experts consider procrastination as an obstacle to your dreams, ambitions, and achievements. For instance, your boss gave you a special project and set an exact date to pass it. However,  you didn’t do the project until the last day of the deadline.

Don’t Waste Time! Remove Procrastination in your Life!

The power of hypnosis is not just some ‘abrakadabra’ psychotherapy. It’s actually a natural process of inducing occurring states of mind, that by some surprising reasons, brings circumstances and causes to consciousness allowing one to change their circumstances. The best way is to experience conscious hypnosis for yourself

Hypnotherapy Melbourne offers courses in overcoming procrastination. If you think your procrastination is unbearable, give us a call, Let us help you! Visit us or call 0405 142 456.

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