Training For Your Business

Ready to take on training but don’t know where to start and who to trust?

You want a training that can promise that when you walk out of that training, you can DO what you have just learned.
To most trainers it’s about the up-sell and how much more they can make from you. We believe it’s how much more value we can give you to add value and inspiration to those around you. That’s what makes you motivated and confident to succeed.

When you see the success of the presenters, and you feel the success from each easy to follow technique. You’ll hypnotize others in this class from the first hour, and each hour you will feel your confidence grow.
From simple induction to advanced non-verbal induction to our most amazing self hypnosis. With this hypnosis training, you’ll consciously and repetitiously build habits with each skill from the ground up, and walk out with a complete set of skills for your niche.

You may have seen in the last line above I used the word “Habit”… That’s right, we are creatures of habit. And to be successful in any profession, You will want to form a habit of success. Now in this training we will give you all the tools to create this habit, but with any good habit. YOU must make it work for you. I can show you the door, but you must walk through it. I only offer you truth and honesty when it comes to how hypnosis really works. I also have the balls to go where other hypnotists not dare to go. However once you see the road less traveled, you are the only one who can chose to take it, or chose to take a chance.

Chance favours the prepared mind… And I will prepare you!



hypnosis melbourne - Consciousness

Learn to use hypnosis for a real purpose. You’ll help people make positive change, break years of subconscious habit to breakthrough limiting decisions. Don’t waste time, learn Hypnosis The right way the first time

NLP Training

NLP Training

Our 3 Day NLP Certification will have you mastering principles and techniques other NLP trainings don’t have the experience to deliver. We have the practical, cliental experience to learn from.


Mindology Training

hypnosis melbourne - Mindology

The Psychology of mind… Break perceived limitation in life, love and career with simple and effective principles that you can simply master in our 3 day certification. Melbourne Hypnosis Centre

Accredited by the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Master Trainer of Hypnosis

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