The Freedom That Comes With Helping Someone Make Life Better

The Freedom That Comes With Helping Someone Make Life Better!

I don’t think there are many in NLP and Hypnosis that can honestly feel the freedom helping someone make life better with the tools of hypnosis.
Too many hypnotists are out there using mediocre tools, fighting for position and don’t get to see actual clients. Getting clients is often A difficult activity as a hypnotist.

It has taken me many years of testing and researching different methods. I can say my assessment process filters out the keen people wanting to succeed and those who don’t, and those I want to work with.
It is an outstanding 30 minutes that secures a great rollover for my clientele. But what gives me the greatest joy is when I see those clients in the process make life better for themselves. Each smoker who quits improves their life in many ways. Usually starting at home in their relationships, work and career productivity and clarity. Each weight loss client and stress clients  takes with them the devotion, dedication and inspiration to change anything in their life that is not working for them and they have better health to enjoy it.

There is a freedom, happiness and joy in my life each time I experience a client getting the result they came for, BUT it all starts with “Getting The Client” Many people huff and puff but without paying clients you are a starving hypnotist. Without paying clients you are an NLP practitioner with no potential. You grow with each experience and each time someone commits and invests in your service. You get to grow in health and happiness with them. (if you apply the right techniques) good tools and techniques beet mediocre skills and good marketing any day of the year.

Average skills make you an average hypnotists. If you want to be great, you have to practice great skills, that get great results. I guess I have been lucky that I was determined from the start to commit to helping, and believing that others can be great.
So take a deep breath in, hold it, count down from 3,2,1 and exhale. close your eyes and free your mind of intention. Just be, let your subconscious mind count to 30 seconds and when you get the hunch your time is up, open your eyes.
Set a small goal, visualize yourself doing it, and then do it, just as you envisioned. it takes repetition to make a great skill consistently subconsciously great. So Just do it naturally!

D J Jackson

P.S… I must admit I only like working with people who want to be great and do great things, it is a standard I set for myself and I wont do mediocre. I will walk away from average and mediocre at all cost. I want to be great, Do you?

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