What is Hypnosis?

We all have experienced hypnosis in some form.

Have you ever imagined walking on a beach on a warm day, visualized the ocean or rain forest, felt the sand beneath our feet, splashed in the cool waters.
Or even sat in meditation. felt relaxed after taking some deep breaths. Lost in thought while driving or listening to the radio or TV.

Have you ever dreamed of winning the lottery, what you would do with the money, where you would go, buy a new car or take a holiday?
If you have ever daydreamed, or found yourself wishing, visualizing or imagining your life different. Then you have experienced hypnosis.

CONSCIOUS HYPNOSIS is just a strategic conscious routine of repetitious steps to achieve those dreams.
The sad truth is.. “We are all creatures of habit.” With conscious hypnosis we can discover the right habit, reach perfection sooner by creating a state to enhance the new habit so it encompasses our values and defines the solution.

Hypnosis Melbourne - What is Hypnosis?Unlike hypnosis and hypnotherapy of the past thousand years whereby they seem to think hypnosis is a heightened state of suggestibility.We now know hypnosis is NOT a state!
Actually hypnosis has never been and will never be a state. Hypnosis is a process where by you learn to utilize suggested states for a purpose of creating thoughts, feelings and learning to take the right actions to achieving goals.
From the moment you emerge from conscious hypnosis there is no person, thought , idea, memory, image, feeling or sensation from the past, in the present or even to arrive in the future that could stop you from being a success.

You realize that failure is an idea that is fixed in time and space… and that life is not, it just keeps unfolding. Hypnosis gives you permission to yourself to never stop life, and stops limitation from judgements. You gratefully flow with thoughts directing, guiding as you are guided through a process of states to bring balance. You can decide what you will feel. You are in control of your emotions together with thoughts, you are guided to take the RIGHT action.
Everyday you feel happier about yourself, more in control, and that feels good.

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